Akgül Ahşap



                                                                ABOUT US 

    AKGÜL AHŞAP is a quality professional brand. It is shown among the leading companies in the sector.

    Our brand, which has been rising in the furniture and wood sector since 1957, We have been manufacturing home furniture and decoration during its establishment years, while expanding its product range for the last 30 years, kitchen cabinet door, exterior doors and interior room doors, moulding. We have started production in a wide range from kitchen and kitchen parts to carving production.

    Our company provides freedom to its consumers with its products. AKGÜL AHŞAP which has the infrastructure to meet the need for imported covers, We have reached the capacity to be a leader in the sector thanks to its modern machines.

    We are proud to offer the need for both high quality and economical wooden products in the sector. We present our products with imported product quality, safe and affordable prices to consumers. The products you need in the assurance of AKGÜL AHŞAP with the understanding of professional service.

                                                        VISION AND MISSION

    VISION : To become one of the leading companies in the furniture sector by institutionalizing our wooden interior room doors and kitchen cabinets with customer-oriented production.

    MISSION : To ensure customer satisfaction, to ensure employee and employer satisfaction, to provide wooden furniture services to countries around the world by offering quality products.


                                                         QUALITY POLİCY

    Being customer oriented

    Being sensitive to the environment

    To give importance to the personal development of employees

    Directing our behavior with an understanding of empathy in communication

    Being open to information sharing

    To be people-oriented first

    To value morality and spirituality

    Be reliable


                                                            OUR EXPORTS

      Our company England, Bulgaria, Azerbaijan, Macedonia, Iraq, Kenya and so on. exports to various countries.